Free Online Math Resources For Kids

Sesame Street Games:

What’s not to love whenever you’ve Elmo instructing you how you can count?

With interactive games including the beloved Sesame Street characters, this website cool math games is a good start for toddlers and preschoolers to understand fundamental math skills like shape and number recognition, counting, measuring etc.. There’s an alternative in the bottom of the page which lets you filter out the material by activity and age so it is possible to find what’s ideal for your son or daughter. They also have ideas and printables for offline and online learning activities for kids.


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From preschool to middle school, This Website is packed with Entertaining games comprising some of the very popular PBS characters. Recommended by educators, this site offers several math activities which range from number recognition and fundamental operations to data analysis and spatial reasoning. Learn shapes from Curious George, designs with Cat in the Hat or play some very intricate logic and problem solving games with folks from Cyberchase. There’s a treasure trove of cool games around the website – not only math but also a variety of different subjects.


A favorite from our family and realized by the American Library Association as one of the suggested websites for kids, this site has a range of offerings for kids from Kindergarten to 5th grade.

Arcademic Skill Builders:

An interactive website based on online Levels – and actually attempts to meld the pace and action found in video games with Math abilities. The topics start with addition and expand to decimals and pre-algebra. Multi-player games Enable kids to play math games against each other. If you really don’t want your child to participate in games along with others, then You have the option of making a game private with a password. Most games are Time bound and promote speed and precision.