So many of us often feel in a rut. We get buried in the day to day monotony of daily struggles and routine. Sometimes you just need to get in your car and take a little mini vacation. It doesn’t need to be expensive, just a 1-3 day trip to soothe the soul.

Life is short. We need to get out there and live! We only go around once, so make yours something your passionate about! I am always amazing at how inspired I am in different scenery and getting out of my regular routine. Personally, I feel most relaxed and the most brilliant ideas come to me about my business, personal relationships, etc.

Some of my favorite little getaways are Santa Barbara, Los Gatos, Portland, Paris, Rome, and Santorin. Photo opportunities are around every corner! California has several different areas for hiking and having peace and quiet. Yosemite has endless options! I remember when I was younger and had just a few traveling experiences. The more places you see, the more you want to!

Basically, it changes your perception of things and shifts your attitude. For me, it almost always gets me out of a “funk”, for lack of a better word and flourishes me with so much creativity! Next time you’re frustrated with work, feel like you’re not quite connected with your special someone the way you used to…Plan a little getaway and see how much it nourishes your soul!